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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Red Havoc Bad Cat (Red Havoc Panthers Book 3) by T.S. Joyce

T.S. Joyce has shown us another shifter in the form of a black panther, rude, daring, and sexy as hell named Barret Turgard.  He belongs to the Red Havoc Crew and takes killing seriously.  He doesn’t think he has the capacity to love and take care of a partner.
Little did he know that the broken panther, Lynn, that he vowed to help, has another helper on the way.
In the form of a beautiful female hiding her shifter background, Eden Brown appears at Lynn’s door closely following Barret’s departure.  Eden grew up with Lynn and vows to cure Lynn of her broken heart.Red Havoc Bad Cat by T.S. Joyce
Lynn is no help in the love category.  She repeatedly tells Barret and Lynn to never fall in love.  Love will only destroy.
Barret has this fixed in his mind when he runs into Eden.  Eden is in this part of the forest to help her friend and swears she won’t get distracted by the muscle-rippling Barret who confronts her.
Barret loves every part of Eden, but tells her to stay away and go home.
Even if Barret and Eden find a sexual connection, and it’s steamy, Eden doesn’t think Barret cold ever accept her if he finds out what kind of shifter she represents.  She may be right.
It’s a heart tugging and fierce battle between “love and leave” as secrets are exposed, but don’t give up on the heart and flip the pages late into the evening!
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