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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Royally Claimed (Triple Crown Club: Book 2) by Madison Faye


And Anya did. 

Anya is the BFF of the local princess, Adele, so she has access to the royal life. Adele is a quiet and sweet princess, whereas Anya is a bit more boisterous. 

Adele was in the midst of royal activities.  Anya took this opportunity to go out on the town on her own.  Three men, unknown to her, approached her and requested her companionship for the evening at a club.

Anya warily took the bait.  It wasn’t until they entered the club that Anya realized what kind of club they’d arrived at. Royally Claimed by Madison Faye

I’m not going to tell you what the club was for fear that I’ll wreck the surprise when you read the story.  Let’s just say that Four is the magic number and the games played are very satisfying.

An exciting mix-up between men leads Anya to a savory, tantalizing, and love-filled experience.  Keep in mind that Royally Claimed is a mfmm and is definitely a happily, happily, happily, happily-ever-after!

It was a sweet and naughty (yes, that can exist in the same story) read.  One more round of editing would have perfected it, but the story was “yum” and I overlooked the errors.

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