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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


          Hello, gentle reader! It is a beautiful Monday morning here in Phoenix. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the construction workers are hammering away on the new house behind me (they have quite a rhythm going).
          Now, for those of you of frequently read my ramblings on Happily Ever After Thoughts, you may be wondering why I’m writing this post on a Monday, when you all know I do it on Sunday (because I am a creature of habit and routine). Well, the explanation is simple. There has been a change in my life. No, I haven’t retired (though I wish I could….unfortunately, I have a few more years to go before I can do that), but the day job is gone and I’m currently looking for another.
          This is not a bad thing. I am looking at this as a chance to explore my options and find something new and exciting. While I’m waiting for that magical position to appear, I’m spending more time with my DH (who is retired), my house has never been so clean (can you smell the Pine-Sol?) and of course, I am reading and writing more than ever…but for a person who is so used to her routines and schedules, this time off is throwing me for a loop.
I find myself losing track of days (I know! Isn’t that weird!) and constantly checking the calendar to see what day it is. I also find that time slips away quickly while I’m elbow deep in torturing Ryleigh and Teague, the characters in the story I’m currently working on…one minute, it’s ten in the morning, the next, it’s the middle of the afternoon…but it’s all good and I’m thoroughly enjoying this opportunity.
Now, back to the writing….

Happy reading!

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