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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Murder For By Dummies OUT NOW!

Yee Haw!

It’s finally here!!!  Book One in the new Marilyn Club Series, Murder For By Dummies, has been released and is available NOW for download at all major online retail outlets.  So be sure you click on the link below to your favorite retailer, and order your copy today.

And just to whet your whistle, here is a new excerpt from Murder For By Dummies…ENJOY!

Murder For By Dummies
By Kayce Lassiter

Emily Redfeather

It was tricky finding my way in the dark, but I did find the locker, and it was accessible, with only my lock on the door.  I breathed a sigh of relief as I opened it and rummaged through the camping gear, looking first for the flashlight I knew would be in the top box.  I found the flashlight.

Finally, something is as it should be.

With only the flashlight for illumination, I found the camping mattress and sleeping bags and dragged them back to the apartment.  As my mind began to clear, I went back for the rest of the equipment…just in case.  If I moved everything into the apartment, the landlord couldn’t lock it up.  At least I’d have a battery-operated lantern and some canned food from the camping boxes.  I wouldn’t starve or have to sit in the dark, alone with my demons.

Once I moved everything into the living room, I felt better with some familiar things around me.  I blew up the air mattress and threw a couple of sleeping bags over it in the corner of the living room.  Without electricity, there would be no heat.  I’d probably be thankful for the sleeping bags come the middle of the night.

Too numb to eat, I threw on some sweats, switched out the lantern and crawled between the sleeping bags.  Exhausted and emotionally empty, I turned on my side and stared into the darkness as my mind recalled a long-forgotten memory of Aunt Bea standing in the kitchen, baking cookies in her long black and white apron with the cow’s udder on the front.

I smiled at the precious image and closed my eyes.  A single tear snaked its way down my cheek as I gratefully surrendered to the sleep I so badly needed.


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  1. I love that as your critique partner I get to read everything first. It's like getting to go back stage at my favorite band's concert...LOL :) This is such a great story!! :) And I'm so happy for you that now the wider world will get to see it! You go girl!

  2. Why am I not in your backstage girl hoochy!! Well I love u and I love his title I can not wait to read it