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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Assassin Next Door (A Bad Boy Inc Story) by Eve Langlais

Calvin’s life is two-faced…he’s an assassin when out of town and a suburbia homeowner in between jobs.

He’s a man that should keep his eyeballs in their sockets instead of allowing himself to be distracted by the pretty little blonde next door.

Lily has nothing else on her mind except to move into her new house, take care of her young daughter, find a job, and maybe purchase a few cheap furnishings to make the house feel like a home.Book Cover: Assassin Next Door

Although, the gorgeous man next door, who isn’t home much, is interesting.  Lily doesn’t trust herself anyway…her ex-husband physically and mentally abused her.  She left that behind and has no need to think another man might be better.

Until Calvin helps her with a few handy-man actions, Lily wasn’t even going to meet him.   After a few encounters, she finds he has a great sense of humor.  Really?  A job as an assassin?  He’s such a jokester.

Good, she doesn’t believe Calvin could do such a horrific position…an assassin.  No one does that. 

Calvin prefers to work out of town, but his village is being overrun with drugs.  He has to do something about it, and he’d never want his darling neighbor to experience a dangerous atmosphere. 

He didn’t realize she’s right in the middle of the problem.  Lily doesn’t know it, either until chaos breaks out.

It’s magical how a little (or a lot) of danger can sprout into love!  Lily doesn’t try, but she sure succeeds in wrapping Calvin around her heart.  Great contemporary/suspense romance😊

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