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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Reader Interview: Nadine

Today I'm interviewing reader and blogger Nadine from the great state of New York. Her blog is called Nadine's Obsessed with Books. I think we can all relate to that, so I’ve included the link to her blog here

Lexi: How did you get into reading romance novels? 

Nadine: I stumbled upon a Harlequin romance when I was in the library I think I was in 8th grade. Fabio was on the cover ;)

Lexi: Hmm, I think he was on most covers then LOL What makes you happy? 

Nadine: My family, I have four children...or should I say adult children. The oldest recently got married and the youngest is in College

Lexi: Tell me about your significant other.  

Nadine: I married my best friend the best man I have ever known, he is truly someone that will give you the shirt off his back and he does whatever needs to be done for those he loves. 


Lexi: He sounds wonderful! What’s your favorite dessert? 

Nadine: It's a tie Bananas Foster and Creme Brulee 

Lexi: OMG! I love both of those!! What types of romances do you like to read? 

Nadine: I enjoy all types of Romance Novels the spicier the better. 

Lexi: How many hours a week do you spend reading romance? 

Nadine: I'm not sure but I would have to say it has to be about 20 hours if not more, I hardly watch TV and I always have my kindle with me when I'm out so if I have a couple of minutes I am reading. I average 3-4 books a week sometimes more depending on the length of each book and how much time I have available. 

Lexi: Who made the biggest impact on your life? 

Nadine: My godmother whom we lost just before the holidays this past December. She is the one that really taught me how to cook and gave me the love for a big family....and so much more.

Lexi: I’m so sorry you lost her. It sounds like she was a great influence on your life and is greatly missed

If you could go on an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why? 

Nadine: I have always wanted to go to Ireland. My mom was born and raised there and I still have some family there that I have never met.

Lexi: Oh, that would be fun! How many books do have in your “To Be Read” pile (means you’ve bought them but still need to read)? 

Nadine: According to Amazon I own 18,915 books and according to my Goodreads account I have read 2,112 so I guess that means I have 16,803 on my real TBR shelf...guess you can say I have a one-click freebie addiction ;)

Lexi: Wow! What do you do for fun (besides reading romance novels)? 

Nadine: Watching my youngest play baseball is one of my favorite non reading activities

Lexi: Oh, I bet! What did you think you’d be when you grew up? 

Nadine: I always thought I would be a lawyer, family law was something I was really interested in but unfortunately it wasn't in the cards for me.

Lexi: What color eyes do you have?  

Nadine: Brown, boring and the least favorite eye color in romance novels

Lexi: Really? I use brown a lot! I love that color because there are so many shades😊 How old do you think is perfect for a hero? 

Nadine: 30-45

Lexi: What are you afraid of?
Nadine: Heights

Lexi: Okay, time for the quickies. Dark-haired hero or light-haired? Nadine: light

Lexi: Vanilla or chocolate? Nadine: Chocolate

Lexi: Hot and spicy or sweet and chaste? Nadine: hot and spicy

Lexi: Spicy food or not spicy? Nadine: both

Lexi: Beard or no beard? Nadine: no beard

Lexi: Hot weather or cold? Nadine: hot

Lexi: Chest hair or no chest hair? Nadine: no 

Lexi: Morning person or night person? Nadine: morning

Lexi: Rich hero or blue-collar hero? Nadine: blue-collar

Lexi: Coffee or tea? Nadine: coffee

Lexi: Beach or mountains? Nadine: beach

Lexi: Cats or dogs? Nadine: dogs 

Lexi: Hero with long hair or short? Nadine: long

Lexi: Rent or own? Nadine: own

Lexi: Working or retired? Nadine: working

Lexi: Blonde heroine or brunette? Nadine: brunette

Lexi: City or town? Nadine: town

Lexi: Cook or eat out? Nadine: cook

Lexi: Tattoos or no tattoos? Nadine: tattoos

Lexi: Pajamas or naked? Nadine: pajamas

Lexi: It was so great to learn more about you, Nadine! Thank you for visiting with me 😊 

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