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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reckless Whisper (FBI Series #2) by Barbara Freethy

Freethy has come up with a great idea for a psychological romantic suspense story!  New York and Chicago can both be great cities, but when FBI Agent Bree Adams is sent to the Windy City to investigate a related crime to the child abductions and murders surrounding the Big Apple she fights old memories of her childhood.

A whisper in her ear brings back the secret she’s kept hidden from nearly everyone.  It’s the secret that made her leave Chicago and her childhood friends. 

Of the millions of people in Chicago, it’s ludicrous that she runs into her former best friend, Nathan Bishop.  But she does, and he’s part of the investigation. The only way he can help her is if she tells him the secret. 

Well, he has a secret of his own that won’t go away. He’s amazed that he still has incredible feelings for her.  They haven’t diminished over the years apart and running into Bree makes them that much stronger.

Can their secrets separate or entangle them? Can the mysterious little girl Bree searches for be a bond or a distraction? 

Great secrets and quite the trail of breadcrumbs left by the villain.  You’ll enjoy every page until you read how Bree and Nathan figure out themselves and the crime!

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