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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Great Shoe Hunt of 2018

         Hello, gentle readers!
I am on the hunt for a new pair of shoes for the day job (and for an upcoming conference). I know that doesn’t sound difficult, but it’s proving to be so. Why? Well…there are certain criteria these shoes have to meet.
From the time I was one year old until I was fifteen, I had to wear corrective shoes. They were ugly as sin, not to mention uncomfortable. No saddles shoes or Keds or Penny Loafers for me, although I desperately wanted to be able to wear those. I swore, when I was old enough and didn’t have to wear those ugly corrective shoes anymore, I would only wear what appealed to me. And what’s that, you might ask?
Dainty, strappy little sandals.
Preferrably black (because, you know, black shoes go with just about anything!). It’s okay if they have a little bling on them, as long as they remain dainty and…well…pretty. I used to be able to strut around in three to five inch heels….those days are long gone so now, I prefer a kitten heel….one inch, maybe two.
I’d like it if they were on sale (because spending a whole lot of money on shoes that aren’t going to last me that long somehow just sticks in my craw…I’m hard on my shoes…I walk very fast and very heavy, at least that’s what the DH says).
Above all, they must be comfortable. I spent upwards of ten hours a day in them, so they can’t hurt my feet (and believe me, the older I get, the more impossible this is becoming).
Not so hard to find, right?     
So, being the optimist I am (my glass is always half full), I took myself shopping this past weekend. If I tell you that I came home with three books and no shoes, would that tell you how I did (and that was after hitting seven different stores)?
Have you seen what’s out there in regard to footwear? Ugh! What apprentice to torture designed these things?
Yes, I found dainty and strappy like I wanted, but none in black….every other color of the rainbow (including a pair that were clear, which were rather cool looking, especially when I tried them on, but alas, they were not comfortable at all and had three toes on my right foot numb within minutes) and none of those came with a heel lower than three inches. I did find shoes with shorter heels, however, they were bulky and thick and so the opposite of dainty, I just…couldn’t.
Remember Fred Flintstone? Yeah, wearing those lower heeled shoes made me look like I had Fred Flintstone feet (for the record, I normally take a six or six and half).
Still, I am determined! There is a pair of perfect shoes out there for me so it’s another trip to the shoe store.
        Wish me luck!

Until next time, remember to spread kindness wherever you go.

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