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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Royal Shade of Blue (the modern royals series) by Aven Ellis

A fun and light-hearted romance can capture any readers attention!

Clementine is a student at Stanford, studying art and antiques.  Her social life is quiet, or should I say, non-existent.  She has a well-guarded, by her family, former medical condition, which keeps her “better safe than sorry” on her excursions.  Then a message on Instagram catches her attention. Can’t hurt her without a physical connection.

CP messages Clementine just to tell her she’s incredibly interesting, and no, he’s not a stalker.A Royal Shade of Blue (Modern Royals #1)                     Green Tea Latte To Go                  

Messaging back and forth, an intense interest grows between the two. CP tells her he’ll come from the UK to meet her.

How exciting!  Will it happen?  Will an online relationship bring a man eleven hours by air to Northern California just to be disappointed in her? 

Such a sweet and complete romance blossoms.

Until Clementine finds out who CP is.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  He’ll fly her to England to meet his family, who everyone knows or at least has heard of.

The perfect romance does have a few snags along the way.  One member of CP’s family, his Mum (can’t give away her title!), doesn’t feel Clementine fits in.  Clementine’s family has a rough time believing the incredible connection is for real, and she has to make sure CP likes her for herself.  CP wants to make sure she stays herself.

So many issues, so little time to ferret out the bumps.  Love can do wonderful things, though!

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