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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Hanover House by Brenda Novak

Evelyn Talbot starts her hard work on page one. 

A person’s past often encourages their future.  Evelyn had been attacked by a psychopath as a teenager.  He's still on the loose twenty years later, and even if he’s not apprehended, Evelyn wants to KNOW WHY a person does the horrendous things they do. 

As a psychiatrist, Evelyn goes out of her way to contract a new facility in Alaska to harbor psychopathic criminals.  Most of them have succeeded in killing, whereas she had survived her attack.   
Her Darkest Nightmare (Dr. Evelyn Talbot Novels)

The small town in Alaska is divided on whether it wants a prison.  Understandable.  It will provide jobs, yet dangerous criminals are only a wall and an iron bar away from freedom to kill again. 

Hilltop, Alaska has a small police force headed by Amarok, a man who’s not hard on the eyes but not completely in favor of more danger in the area. 

When Amarok meets Evelyn on her first trip to the not yet finished Hanover House prison, his feelings stutter. She’s awfully careful about being in public or alone.  Must be afraid of something.  Pushing aside his disagreement on bringing in the psychopaths, his urge to protect a beautiful woman wins out.

And Evelyn is a magnet for trouble.
Hello Again (Dr. Evelyn Talbot Novels)

Lucky for her she grudgingly follows the advice and protection of Amarok.  And she welcomes the handsome, hot, and conscientious man into her home.

Make sure you purchase the whole series because this is only the prequel, and the steamy parts of the romance keep building!

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