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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Witch's Dream, Knights of Black Swan, Book 2, by Victoria Danann

The Witch’s Dream, Knights of Black Swan book 2 by Victoria Danann

Definitely a deep paranormal romance of the future.  Book two of seven, so hold on as the forward and prologue fill you in on the intricate background of the many characters. 

After catching up with the hierarchy and background of the many paranormals, vampires, werewolves, and many others, Danann finally gets to the story. 

A love, a marriage, and a few more.  The story begins in Ireland-love that place- and a celebration for the expectance of Ram and Elora.  The B-team takes a break and heads over from Edinborough.The Witch's Dream: The Order of the Black Swan

Many new paranormals are introduced and they all have relations, whether protecting humans, the paranormal, or themselves or falling in love and proving it to their chosen.

 A powerful witch, Litha, and her mate, Storm take the lead in this story. Litha doesn’t have a problem knowing Storm is for her, but he blocks the obvious.  So round and round they go, and can Litha finally conquer her one-and-only’s blind side??  

With a lengthy narrative and soft conflict, it is apparent that the actions all revolve around proving, sacrificing, and protecting the good in the relationships.

I think this series is for the hardcore future romantic paranormal readers, but a good trial for those who occasionally test the paranormal world.

Enjoy your read!


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