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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ache for You by J.T. Geissinger

Most the time when we read, it’s a quiet time.  When you occasionally chuckle, snort, catch your breath, and have a smile cracking the corners of your face, you know you’ve found a delightful, lovely romance!

How can we enjoy reading the devastation that comes with groping in the dark for a true, trustworthy, and honest romance?  The characters.  The characters tug us in.

Kimber, who’s name is explained through her personality, has one catastrophe after another.  I’d have to say, the majority involve men.  She starts in San Francisco, the perfect wedding massacred, she somehow gets to Florence, Italy after buying a ticket she doesn’t use, informed of another disaster back home, then meets more disaster in the form of a gorgeous Italian designer.  By the way, she designs upscale woman’s dresses, so how bad can it be to meet a famous designer??Ache for You

Matteo, the famous designer, meets Kimber at the airport.  Love at first sight?  No one admits to that.  Plus, he doesn’t know her name, she doesn’t ask his, and they ultimately aren’t on the same flight by his design.  When they end up at the identical Italian destination, sparks fly. 

I can’t help but laugh when Kimber states her opinion on anything.  The words she uses would make a dog blush.  Yet, Matteo loves the challenge.

Kimber is not in the mood for another man who makes love promises.  Strike one for Matteo.  She doesn’t believe him, trust him, or think that Matteo’s business plan is in her best interest.  Strike two.  He might do better in softball where there’s four strikes.

He has his own allegiance to avoid commitment.  Maybe any interest Kimber lets slip his way is strictly in the form of rebound or revenge on men.  Granted, when she tells him where his dick belongs, that Cinderella can kiss her ass, or simply claim that her uterus betrays her, he falls farther into the whole of eternal love.

I want to tell you the whole story, but the better the book, the less I want to reveal.  We have stubborn, comical, honest, desperate, and generous souls at stake in this novel.  The unique predicaments at home and abroad sucked me into the lives of Kimber, Matteo, and their friends and family!  I begged the book to let them all live and love a lot…

Don’t put the book down!


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