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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sin and Chocolate by K.F. Breene

Perfect first read for the year!  aren’t we supposed to give up our sins and forget about chocolate?  No way!

Alexis lives between the cracks of paranormal and “normal” people.  She has no idea of her powers because all she thinks about is making ends meet and caring for the two teenagers she unofficially adopted.  She’s more like their sister, only ten years older than them, but she’s the one in charge of the roof over their head and the meager food she manages to bring home.  And to keep Mordecai alive.  He has a paranormal fatal disease which requires expensive meds.  Daisy, she’s just a simple human girl with nothing but her strong personality and this makeshift family.

I love Alexis’s character!  She says it like it is and doesn’t scrub her words clean.  She’s thoughtful and would do anything for her kids.Sin & Chocolate

Demigod Kieran has no idea who he almost ran over (on purpose) in his haste to get through the bad side of town.  Alexis doesn’t let him off easily.  He needs his superiority put in its place.   A few choice words and she gives him an earful.

Something about her masked beauty, under the grubby clothes and uncombed blond hair, causes Kieran to take a little care instead of driving off in a hurry. 

Alexis has more under her skin than she’s letting on, or knows about.  He’ll find out.  He’ll find out that he desperately needs her. 

Kieran is haunted by the death of his mom and no known psychic can seem to let her cross to the other side.  Now he’s also haunted in a different way by Alexis, and he uses his influence and powers to stalk her in an unthreatening and secret manner.

That’s where he finds her at a paranormal fair.  Alexis reads tarot cards for people she can persuade to give her a chance.  Just for the extra money to survive.  She doesn’t think the bit she helps the customers is hardly worth anything, but Kieran realizes her powers.

So how can he get her to help him with his mother’s soul?  No one else has been able to.  Kieran also has access to magical medical help.  Maybe a fair trade? 

There’s a great power, feeling, or shall we call it a sexual energy between the two.  Neither understands it or is willing to try.  Or at least it takes a long time and a lot of convincing for both. 

Sometimes you just need a little shove to give the unknown a chance.  Actually, Alexis needs a big shove, but it’s a great journey to see if Kieran can help her in exchange for her helping him.  None of this comes without a tug at the heart and a kiss on the lips. 

Loved the story and will read more of K.F.Breene!

Read lots and enjoy!


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