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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Grant

Isabel Dawson plans a couple months stint as an archeologist in the wilderness of Alaska.  She stays longer than planned when she has contact with the restricted area her brother mysteriously died at.  She wants to find out what really happened.
Instead she finds a man beat and left for dead.Incriminating Evidence
Alec Ravissant is saved by this beautiful woman, or did she assault him and try to cover it up when he didn't die?  He may have to rough her up to find out because he doesn't remember the attack.
What is she doing in a restricted area?  He owns this property, and he's running for the senate office in Maryland.  Time to think before acting.
It's really a conundrum when enemies are attracted.
Each flutter of the heart breaks their walls down and it's possible that he can help her find and answer for her brother's death.  It might be advantageous for a senator to have a wife.
If only they stay alive to find out.
Exciting read and great for a snowy day!

Enjoy your read!


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