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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Montana Dog Soldier by Elle James

Joseph “Kujo” Kuntz tried to find a solitary life in the woods, without amenities, and alone.  Previously, as a Delta Army soldier and dog handler, he’d been injured and discharged.  He lost his meaning and he was separated from his dog, Six.

Molly Greenbrier, an FBI agent, is assigned to her first field job.  She’s as green as her name working in the Montana mountains as a photographer trying to “drone in” on her target of a terrorist faction.Montana Dog Soldier (Brotherhood Protectors Series ...

Just so happens that Kujo got a call from former Army buddies informing him that Six was retired and needed a home or else would be euthanized.  That got Kujo off his normal trail.  He adopted Six.  I was very happy to read that, but danger wasn’t far away.

Molly was attacked and left for dead.  Kujo knew how to turn that situation around, but little did he know that his new job and Molly intersected. 

Time for Kujo to make a life with his new job in once again protecting America in a different way, and Molly didn’t realize how grateful she’d be to nearly being killed.  It gave her a new life and a chance to work at a love of a lifetime!

Molly worried about her job and love life mixing, but read and find out whether true love can create loopholes to satisfies everyone.

An endearing and courageous story!

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