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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Veronica Reviews: COWBOY'S BREAK (Poker Flat #4) by Lexi Post

Cowboy's Break 
(Poker Flat Series #4)

by Lexi Post

5 Stars

“I can be whatever kind of man you need me to be if…” He paused, noticing the sudden intake of breath through her lips. He reached around her and snagged another cookie. “I can have another.” 

Rachel Henderson has always put her family’s ranch and needs before her own. Struggling with the death of her parents and her sister’s drug addiction, she ends a relationship with the love of her life, Vince Gallagher.

Seven years have passed since Rachel Henderson broke his heart. When Vince finds out she needs help with finding out who is stealing funds from her ranch, he is determined to use his past police detective skills to find the thief, as well as discover the truth as to why Rachel ended their love affair.

They say if you love something set it free…Will the time apart keep the wedge between Rachel and Vince, or will their souls recognize that they are two halves of the same whole.

Lexi Post has built a fast paced romantic mystery within a few short pages! Highly recommend this novella!

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