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Friday, February 7, 2020

Veronica Reviews: TWISTED FATES by Kitty Thomas

Twisted Fates
Kitty Thomas

4 Stars
“Because of the nature of the house, the choice was once and it was forever.  Choose wisely…”

Eight years ago, Shannon Foster was given a choice…to be trained in submission and to be owned by a Master who would never discard her.  But the choice, once made, could never be reversed…regardless of circumstances.  When Shannon displeases the one trainer feared by all within the House, she pays a price that costs her in more ways than just the scars left on her body.  No longer able to continue being broken, Shannon takes fate in her own hands, only to be awakened and held in the arms of the last person she ever wanted to see again…

Doctor Lindsay Smith has been finding women longing to be submissive and have control taken from them.  The recruits he discovers and takes back to the House know it’s a one-way ticket, with no opt-out.  When he meets Shannon, it is she he desires and plans to make his own.  Unfortunately, he is too late to save her from the monster in the House…
Shannon and Lindsay’s fates are truly twisted together in a romance that is both dark and beautiful.  Finding the strength to face their fears, Shannon and Lindsay overcome the scars, both physical and emotional, to find their version of a happily ever after…
Kitty Thomas continues to weave dark and beautiful stories that are both impossible to put down as well as forget.  While this is a continuation in her Pleasure House series, each installment is written in a way to be read standalone.  Highly recommend!

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