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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Steal Her Heart by T.S Joyce

I always look forward to reading a story by T.S. Joyce!  Her wicked words and strong women and men, or should I add Shifters rule the story?!
Maris is a powerful woman even when pulled down by an ex-husband and the loss of her ability to run a complete ranch by herself.  When she names her cattle things like Marshmallow Face and Marmalade, you can't help love the soft side of her.  When she fights the wolves attacking her herd, she has another strong side that makes a reader proud.Steal Her Heart (Kaid Ranch Shifters Book 1)
Bryson has his own turmoil in loving his former wife. Guilt is a hard trick to overcome.  When Bryson sees the problems on Maris's ranch next to the one he works on, he chances himself to be of help in his own stubborn manner.
Maris doesn't find it helpful at all that Bryson buys her herd at auction, but what he does with it, and his special traits to help fight the wolves may change her mind.
Matter of fact, Maris is intuitive and notices the grizzly in Bryson, and tests her theory more than the average human would attempt. It's a delicious, evocative, and slightly dangerous test.
Bryson's surprise at her acceptance of his other half, the grizzly, doesn't immediately convince him she can handle his demeanor.  Not until he reveals his secret.
I rooted for their romance all the way.  Maris and Bryson are strong and honest in their acknowledgement of each other.  When they weren't sure they could make it together, I wanted to burst into the novel and straighten them out.  Fortunately, they have a way of figuring it out for themselves!

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