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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Magical Midlife Madness by KF Breene

Funny is good.  Funny is relief.  Funny is necessary when life has unexpected disruptions.
So if the global problems or personal issues cast a dark shadow, I suggest reading Magical Midlife Madness.
Jessie, forty, divorced, empty-nester, and looking for an adventure wants to take control of her life.
Staying with her kooky parents is out of the question, so she takes a position as a caretaker of the old, creepy house she knew from her childhood.  No pressure, no stress.
Austin Steele runs the sleepy town that the old house is situated in.  He's built better than any man in a magazine.  He's also protective of this town, and with Jessie moving into the Ivy House, he has mixed feelings.
A lot of strange things move and appear in the Ivy House as Jessie warms up to the comfort she feels.  This includes the live-in butler who is always around wearing his funny-looking cape and the gardener who has awfully long nails and teeth.  They're harmless.
Then there's the neighbor, Niamh, who's a hoot and can drink Jessie under the table even if she's 400 years old.  Magical Midlife Madness Paperback February 18 2020 By K.f. Breene
All the afore-mentioned are waiting to see if the Ivy House accepts Jessie.  Jessie has no knowledge of magic, but the magic in the house knows her.
Austin Steele can't help but smile, which he's never been known to do, every time Jessie is around.  Shifters of his kind get awfully protective of who they choose and Jessie needs a protector until she decides if she's staying or leaving.
And that's how the story goes.  Gradually, the shifters admit their magic.  Gradually Jessie allows herself to consider the reality of magic.
And gradually, with a gallon or two of wine tasting, Austin Steele and Jessie find an attraction hard to avoid.
The great part of the story is the comical actions of the old shifters bumping into a new battle while Jessie makes her own decisions.
I very much recommend this light-hearted read!

Happy reading,


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