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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Veronica Reviews: A DATE WITH DRACULA by Dakota Rebel

Date with Dracula
Dakota Rebel

5 Stars
“You are my mate.  My destiny.  I was created to love you, Tessa.  And you were made for me.  I will wait for you until the end of time, if you need me to.  But we will be together for eternity.”

Joel is the oldest unmated vampire and as such given the title “Dracula”.  The lore of this vampire isn’t the evil, soulless, blood drinking monsters everyone knows.  For Joel, it’s walking through Walmart feeding off emotions without being overwhelmed.  And who would have believed he’d find himself in the ice cream isle staring at his soulmate while she is climbing inside the freezer case.

Tessa has found herself becoming one of the typical people of Walmart.  Having a craving for ice cream in the wee hours of the night, Tessa forgoes regular clothes and leaves on her PJ’s.  With her fav flavor on the top shelf and no employee in sight, Tessa climbs in the freezer case to score her addiction.  But when she turns around, she finds herself face to face with the most amazing man…and her soul cries out “MINE”.  Who would have thunk it…Tessa just met the man of her dreams at the freakin’ Walmart of all places!

Joel knows convincing Tessa he’s a vampire, and she is his one true mate may take time, but time is a commodity he has in spades…and Tessa is well worth the wait…

Joel and Tessa’s insta-love romance is just a flat-out fun read.  Yes, it lacks in depth character development, and it’s not your typical vampire read.  But for a smexxy love at first bite quickie, I absolutely LOVED it!  Hoping Dakota Rebel takes this entertaining little tale and turns it into more!

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