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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Ready to Were -Shift Happens Book 1 by Robyn Peterman

Hung Island, Georgia, not the place Essie wants to be relocated to for any amount of time.  The town she grew up in, was humiliated in, and never wants to go back to.
Essie's boss at WTF, (not what you're thinking) or Werewolf Treaty Federation, has a dual job Essie has been trained to do.  Well, one part of the job falls back on her work, but the other is a surprise only Essie can decide whether it's what she wants or not.Ready to Were   Image result for Ready to Wear by Peterman
Essie's condition to go to Hung Island rested on taking her BFF, Dwayne the gay vampire.  She needed as much mental strength going into the town that homed her former mate Hank "the Tank" Wilson.  Essie had ran from town when she found out Hank had been engaging in illicit affairs with other wolves not on her friend list.
Hank stays calm and cool at Essie's arrival.  He knows he's the best thing for her as the sheriff and the alpha of the wolf pack.  Why Essie believes what she ran from without talking to him gave her the opportunity to find herself, strengthen her confidence, and come back as the women he'd never give up.
But the job they have to do, save the models from a rogue pack of dragons, is dangerous and deadly.
Peterman scatters the story with witty language, silly actions, and a lot of sexy romance.  All characters in the novel deserve an award for getting through this dilemma!

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