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Friday, May 15, 2020

Veronica Reviews: THE BLOOD COVENANT by Emily Bex

The Blood Covenant
Emily Bex

4 Stars

“You love me for me.  Without you I would still be lost, for I have found what I was seeking my whole life, my eternal mate…”

“Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Shade Medici.”  

The Medici Warriors have been long revered and feared.  Shade is their Warrior King and has been existing to fight and destroy rogue vampires for 500 years.  With the reputation of ruthlessness as a warrior and a lover, Shade has been called to the DC area to help a fellow Master vampire with an influx of rogue vampires.  But when Shade finds himself drawn to a beautiful and feisty redhead, his Beast roars that she will be theirs…at any cost…even if she is a mortal…

Kate Reese has been hurt for the last time by a man.  Finding out her fiancĂ© cheated on her is the last straw, and she has sworn never to lose her heart again.  But when a chance meeting has her bumping into the most striking, yet deliciously dangerous man, Kate’s heart has other ideas…

Shade and Kate are two souls meant to be mated, but will those around Shade accept his mortal bride, or will their very existence be threatened…

Emily Bex has developed a paranormal world that has combined the troupes of the billionaire alpha male with a smexxy vampire.  This romantic saga is filled with intrigue, action, and romance told from various points of view.  Would recommend to fans of vampire romance!

Sharing what I love, Veronica

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