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Friday, May 1, 2020

Veronica Reviews: A GOOD DUKE IS HARD TO FIND by Christina Britton

A Good Duke is Hard to Find 
Christina Britton

3.5 Stars

Once again Lenora finds herself left at the alter a jilted bride for the third time.  Her controlling father has threatened to disown her if she is not properly wed, and once again the hunt for a suitable husband begins.  Needing a break from the gossips of the ton, Lenora and her best friend head to Lady Tesh’s manor on the Isle of Synne.  But the ghosts of Lenora’s past still reside on the Isle, and when she meets the heir of the Duke of Dane, Lenora is torn between letting go or moving on…

Peter Ashford is now the heir to the Duke of Dane.  At the young age of 13, Peter swore vengeance against the Duke of Dane for his callous actions against him and his mother, causing, in his young mind, her ultimate demise.  Heading to the Isle of Synne to confront the Duke and to make good on his promise to his deceased mother with Lady Tesh, Peter is overcome with conflicting feelings after meeting Miss Lenora Hartley.  Her kindness to him clashes with his plans to destroy the Duke of Dane’s holdings and lay waste and ruin to his estate. 

Perhaps Lenora will be able to pull the thorn from this grumpy lion’s paw, and with that, allow them to seek their happily ever after…

It has taken me a few days to prepare a review and rating for this romance.  While the beginning of the book grabbed my attention, as I continued, it began to drag a bit and become rather repetitive in the middle, causing me to skim along to the end.  Peter’s thirst for revenge and gruffness wore a bit on me, but then he’d have turns of being the perfect hero coming to Lenora’s rescue.  

Overall, A Good Duke is Hard to Find made for an enjoyable read, and if you are a fan of regency romance, I’d recommend.

Sharing what I love, Veronica

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