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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

By A Thread: A Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy by Lucy Score

A delightful read for the oncoming summer!
Dominic Russo works on a ton of problems which gives him a hard shell.  He's determined to be nothing like his father, a playboy with all women.  He steps into the job his dad had at the family fashion magazine.  Let's not forget that Dominic hasn't been with a woman for a year.      
Ally speaks her mind in a humorous manner.  At least I find it funny.  She probably thinks she's saying it like it is.  Suddenly, fired from her main job of many, a glorious woman steps in and tells her to show up for work at her business.
Dressed up in her resale clothes, they still look stylish, Ally shows up for whatever job is waiting for her.  By a Thread: A Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy by [Lucy Score]
She has to work with Dominic!  It's his mother who hired her.
Immediate disdain is slung between the two.  It creates fuel for an unexpected attraction.  How can that be?
The banter between Dominic and Ally is laughable.  They both realize there's an undercurrent of lust going on that they pretend doesn't exist, and it adds fuel to their emotional side.
All Ally's time is devoted to her many jobs. Dominic is apprehensive to exhibit a personal side.  So where does this leave the festering "I want to jump you" portion of their minds? I'm greatly amused along their trip to accept a love they try to demolish.

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