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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The World Right Now

Hello, gentle readers!
I have a confession to make. I wasn’t sure I was going to post this week. Wasn’t sure I had it in me or would be able to find the words to express what I’m feeling at this moment in time. My brain is overloaded with the images I’ve been seeing and my heart…my heart hurts. The world, this beautiful world, is in turmoil. So much grief. So much sadness. So much violence. So much ugliness.
I admit, I feel helpless. I don’t know how to fix it (I am a fixer by nature). Or even if I can fix it. So I ask myself, can one person make a difference? I believe so.  
I will tell you that I believe in the “Golden Rule”, which is treat others as you would like to be treated. That’s it. A basic thing. Why it that so hard? I just don’t get it.
I admit, I don’t understand how peaceful protests, which I believe we as citizens of these United States have the right to, can dissolve and escalate into such violence, destruction of property and loss of life. How can I when that goes against everything in my soul?
When my son was young, I taught him to not look at a person’s outside, but rather, their heart and soul. The outside shouldn’t matter though for some, it does. A person’s religion shouldn’t matter, but again, for some it does. A person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t matter. I can go on. We all know this, should have been taught this from early on – shown, not just by word but by example - that we are all human beings who inhabit this world. It behooves us to love each other, to get along with each other, to appreciate our differences.  
I write romances because I believe in love. I believe in happily ever after. I believe in the goodness of the human soul. I believe in decency. And kindness. And hope. So I will continue to spread that wherever I go because it’s the right thing to do. Right now, we need that more than ever.  

Until next time,

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