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Friday, June 12, 2020

Veronica Reviews: RISE OF THE DEFENDER (THE DE LOHR DYNASTY) by Kathryn Le Veque

Rise of the Defender 
(de Lohr Dynasty)
Kathryn Le Veque


“Do you still love me?”
“More than my own life…I will love you in this life and beyond.”

Sir Christopher de Lohr is King Richard’s Champion. As a reward for his faithfulness and courage during battle, King Richard agrees to a deathbed promise between his knights…Sir Christopher will become the Baron of Lioncross Abby Castle once he weds the Lady Dustin Barrington.

Christopher has no wish for a wife nor the responsibilities associated with running a castle, preferring to spend his days in battle with his brother and fellow knights. But being honor bound, he agrees to travel to Lioncross and wed Lady Dustin. What he didn’t count on was a bride that is feisty as she is beautiful with a heart of a warrior.

Dustin can’t believe her father has died and upon his death, ordered her to be wed to the King’s Champion. Having been spoiled and use to being allowed to do whatever she wished, Dustin does not make Christopher’s life easy as a new groom. But with time, and a little discipline, Christopher and Dustin find a way to overcome what they perceived married life would be and embrace each other’s differences.

As days pass into weeks into months, Christopher and Dustin prevail over each obstacle life throws their way, and begin a dynasty that will be heralded throughout time…and show the naysayers that true love conquers all…

Dear Reader, this book is HUGE! It’s an epic journey between two soulmates that grows over years. When picking up this story, keep in mind that during this time, it was nothing for a husband to bed a serving wench or to strike his wife. It was harsh times, and if you are looking for sunshine and rainbows in the medieval times, keep on looking. You will not find it here. Dustin is a petulant child that grows into a brave and heroic wife and mother. Christopher is a hardened knight that cares for nothing but the next battle and glory in winning and grows into a loving husband and father. Rise of the Defender is exactly what the title eludes…two lovers that rise up to defend what is theirs and woe be those that stand in the way of their love. This story has all the feels…you will scream at Dustin’s childish antics, yet cheer when she raises a sword to defend what is hers. You will want to hit Christopher over the head for his bullish behavior, then swoon over his pledge to love his family in this life and into the next.

Kathryn Le Veque writes beautiful and historically accurate romances. Loved and highly recommend to lovers of this genre!

Sharing what I love, Veronica

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