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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Lauren Landish

 Drop Dead Gorgeous is probably not what you're thinking.  A good-looking man that woman fawn over isn't it, but rather Zoey Walker has a stigma.  She is beautiful and a coroner.  The people of the county are afraid of her because they think they'll "drop dead" if they associate with her.

This leaves Zoey talking to corpses and having a solitary life.   

Blake Hale is a trivia nerd and a happy-go-lucky life insurance salesman.  When one of his insured dies, he visits the coroner for a report.  All regular protocol for a claim.

Finding her talking to a corpse when Blake enters her morgue does nothing to make him turn-tail.  Her beauty stuns him and adds to the impressiveness of her work.  He's glad to need her for this claim.

Most men run when Zoey is near, so it's baffling that Blake continues to find excuses to talk to her.  Zoey thinks his insured dead man didn't die of natural causes.  Blake convinces her to collude with him in investigating the circumstances since the Sherriff's office has closed the case.

 Zoey pushes most people out of her life to reduce the level of antagonism.  Blake is a patient man and will do his best to prove to her that all the rumors and gossip mean nothing to him.  He treats her like a queen.

She's suspicious of any man sticking around for long, so will her walls tumble to let Blake closer and will this be for long term?

Lately, I've really enjoyed romantic comedy.  This story makes be giggle as I flip the pages, and a little laughter can help an ordinary day become something more!

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