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Friday, April 16, 2021

Veronica Reviews ~ SCARRED HERO by Hope Ford


Scarred Hero

(Heroes with Heart, Book 1)


Hope Ford



5 Stars

Military Romance (Novella)

Wounded war hero, Cole Prince, chooses to hide in the shadows.  Coming back wounded with scars both seen and unseen, Cole can’t believe he let his friends talk him into venturing out to a bar for drinks.  Keeping his scarred face hidden the best he can, Cole is mesmerized by the bartender and is completely blown away when she looks upon him without flinching…and smiles.  In that moment, Cole has hope…hope that maybe he can find some measure of peace and happiness with this beautiful woman that sees the man beyond the pain.

Hope noticed the soldier the moment he entered the bar, but can’t figure out why he keeps hiding his handsome face.  Yes, he has the markings of someone that was wounded and lived to tell the tale, but looking into his eyes, Hope knows he’s going to be hers…if she can just get him to give her a chance…

Scarred Hero is one of my top romance reads of the year!  I’m so in love with beautifully broken heroes, and the author has given me a perfect one with Cole!  What a wonderful world we would live in if we saw each other with our hearts rather than our eyes!  We could all use a little hope right now.  Highly recommend this quick insta-love story!

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