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Sunday, May 16, 2021



A Midsummer Night’s Romance arrives on 5/18

for only 99¢!

(After May 25, 2021, the price returns to $4.99 forever)

An Invitation to the Ball…

By Fifteen of Your Favorite Historical Romance Authors!

You are cordially invited to the most anticipated event of the Season — Lord and Lady Whitwell’s annual ball! This year’s theme is the most extravagant yet…A Midsummer Night’s Dream, filled with fairytale gardens and fantastical costumes, sparkling champagne, and heartwarming romance.

Opportunities abound for secret trysts in the shadows of moonlit walks, mistaken identities, delicious unmaskings, and perhaps even a magical spell or two. But one thing is certain—fifteen pairs of hearts will never be the same again. Enjoy this collection of never-before-released novellas by your favorite historical romance authors:

Grace Burrowes, Erica Ridley, Ella Quinn,

Jennifer Ashley, May McGoldrick, Sabrina York,

Bronwen Evans, Jade Lee, Anna Harrington,

Madeline Martin, Elizabeth Essex, Eileen Dreyer,

Alyssa Alexander, Heather Snow, Gina Conkle


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Excerpt from One Enchanted Evening by Anna Harrington


 “There’s nothing to tell you about my marriage, Mason,” Nora told him. “Honestly. Davenport and I had a typical society marriage.”

“You call your husband by his title and never by anything more endearing, which leads me to believe that there was no love between you.”

She started to argue, then changed her mind and sighed heavily. “As I said,” she admitted, “it was a typical society marriage.”

He expected her to pull her hand away. Instead, she slowly laced her fingers through his.

“It was a troubled marriage, in all aspects,” she explained quietly, staring down the hill at Emmeline. Not because she was worried about the little girl playing by herself, he knew, but because she didn’t want her voice to carry on the breeze and risk Emmeline overhearing. “Our parents wanted the match, and we had grown up as fond acquaintances. But we never really loved each other beyond friendship.” She brought his hand into her lap and focused her attention on it, tracing a fingertip over the lines of his palm. “When I failed to give him a son and heir, it stopped being even that. By the end, it was nearly unbearable.”

“You said he had a temper.” Acid covered his tongue as he dared to ask, “Did he strike you and Emmeline?”

“Never.” Then more softly, her shoulders sinking, “There are other ways to hurt people.”

He reached out to tuck a stray strand of chestnut hair behind her ear. “Nora, please believe that—”

“And you?” The falsely bright smile she flashed at him belied the pain he felt churning inside her. He wanted to dissolve away that pain for her forever. “Why are you not married with a dozen or so children running around?”

He laughed at the idea. “A dozen?”

“Or so.”

“God forbid!” Yet he answered, perhaps a bit too honestly, “Who would want to marry me, a curmudgeonly businessman who hates parties, soirees, the entire London season—everything unmarried women love? Or so I’ve been told.” Repeatedly. By every other woman he’d ever called on…until Nora and Emmeline entered his life. “Besides, I have Brutus to keep me company.”

She slid her gaze down the hill to the hound and frowned. “What kind of dog is he, exactly?”

“Part poodle, part retriever, part…something.” He shrugged a shoulder. “A mongrel like me.”

“You’re not at all like that. And I don’t think you’re curmudgeonly either. You’re an incredibly fine man.” She paused, her lips parting thoughtfully as she turned her head to study him. “You remind me of…”

Please God, don’t say your husband!

“Of a dessert my family’s French cook used to make when I was a little girl.”

He blinked, surprised, then grimaced “Thank you.”

“A caramelized custard she called burnt cream. Crusty on the outside—”

“Thank you,” he repeated dryly.

She gave a lilting laugh that hung on the air like music. Then her smile faded as she lifted her hand to brush at the short hair at his temple, her touch strangely both comforting and arousing.

“Yet soft and sweet on the inside.” She breathed out as she caressed his cheek, her eyes falling to his mouth, “One that always left me craving more.” She smiled a bit sadly. “Even though I knew it wasn’t good for me.”

Before he could argue, she leaned forward and kissed him.

About Anna -

Anna fell in love with historical romances—and all those dashing Regency heroes—while living in London, where she studied literature and theatre. She loves to travel, fly airplanes, and hike, and when she isn’t busy writing her next novel, she can usually be found in her garden, fussing over her roses.

She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at:

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