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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How to Judge a Book By It's Lover by Jessica Jiji

 Had to giggle throughout this story relating an aspiring author's jumps and dives into and out of publishing!

Laurel is a busy lady with her job as a dog walker, attending a critique group, and writing and re-writing her novel.  She is determined to move on and get her story, Napoleon's Hairdresser, published.  Editing chapter 38 is her current project, along with appeasing her family who want her to get a real job.   

Her critique group is filled with an odd variety of writers, most supportive, some just odd.  Perfect and perfectly critical of her life, Lauren's sister is a thorn in her side.  

Lauren acquires a new client, Anderson Gallant.   Along with a lively boxer dog, he has a connection with a local New York publishing house.  He falls for Lauren quickly, as long as all attention is on himself, and guarantees a publishing contract. 

Initially, she is absorbed in Anderson's life, thinks everything is wonderful and all dreams will come true as long as she changes herself to fit and restructures her novel.  Change nearly everything and it will be successful.  

No matter how fast-paced life gets, stop and pay attention to whatever is overlooked, including the man she stood up on a blind date.  He, Irwin, only thinks of her well-being, can compromise, and supports her misdirected writing.  Irwin may be a lot more enjoyable than the superficial living experienced with Anderson.

I hope Lauren looks at reality and picks the right man to bring her into a happy and romantic future.

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