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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

 It's well-known that people put their "best" self forward for their world, community, and friends to see and know.  To discover their true selves, is another story.

Monica gave up her high-stress professional life and created a coffee house.  Right there, I knew the novel would be warm and comforting.  

Monica finds a notebook with a statement from an unknown person.  It's the type of revelation that made her sit down and think:  Who wrote this, what made him reveal his private thoughts, and how can I help this lonely person?  He signed his statement.

The notebook is entitled "The Authenticity Project."  Write you're true story and pass it on, are the instructions.  The mismatch of people who accidently encounter the notebook bring together a delightful group of people who all have something unsatisfactory in their lives of which they want to fix.  

They gather at Monica's Coffee, not known to any why they inadvertently collected.  None are alike, yet compliment each other.  An artist past his prime, a traveler experiencing life, an alcoholic finding himself,  a helper of sick, and several other people color the notebook.

Monica convinces herself that Riley is the man she was meant to find and connect their lives.  He's young, impressionable, and isn't going to stay in one place for long.  Maybe she can fit into a world like that.

As the characters encounter and learn about one another, what is simple to one is an extraordinary addition to another in their lives.  Monica learns what she can and will change in her life and what she won't.  It may be surprising who her true love and future lies with.

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