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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sorry Not Sorry by Sophie Ranald

 Charlotte has it made, living in London, a best friend, good employment at a fast paced investment firm, and...  The future is ready to change whether she wants it to or not.

Her bestie and roommate, Maddy, is getting married to Henry, the other roommate.  The household is disrupted.  Charlotte is the "can-do" person at the firm, and it's getting so busy that one person is too few to do all the office work.  

Maybe she'll share her spare time with a boyfriend.  She'll have to find one of those, too.

Never one to poo-poo new ideas, she finds and interesting blog called "Sorry Not Sorry", author anonymous.  It's all about taking chances, doing something different, and finding your dream man.  Impossible, but let's just see what the blog suggests.

Charlotte meets her new roommates.  Adam is unsocial and stays in his room doing IT stuff, and Tansy seems too perfect to approach.  Let's try the boyfriend challenge.

After many nerve battling activities suggested by Sorry Not Sorry, Myles falls into her lap at the office.  He's amazing in so many ways.  Ah, but there's always a hitch.  

Myles treats Charlotte like a queen, trips, gifts, gourmet dinners, and amazing physical contact.  

She also gets to know her mates.  Adam isn't such a sour puss, and Tansy always appears when Charlotte needs an ear.  Adam doesn't kiss too badly, she discovers at a drunken party.  Xander at the office knows how to hold a door for a lady and help her out of a mountain of work.  

A few too many men on her chart?  They all have a purpose, and will one actually be worth the title of "my boyfriend"?  And who could possibly write the blog, give original advice that just might have results, and did the author end the blog happily?  

I know who I want Charlotte to end up with and I didn't even consider who the blog author might be, but it's fun!

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