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Saturday, August 14, 2021

BOUND BY EDEN by Lexi Post now available for Preorder!

Bound by Eden

Eden Series: Tolba Book 2

by Lexi Post

Preorder available now. 

Releases September 15th.

One night with two alien strangers changes everything.

Risk manager, Rowena Lewis, threw caution to the wind when she drowned her sorrows in a bottle of tequila and two hot Edenists. These seemingly perfect men aren’t making it easy for her to return to her planet and the career she loves. But what if she’s already bonded with them? For life?

Takoda’s heart will always belong to another, so he is anxious to prove that he and Awan have not bonded with Ro. But as he learns more about her, he discovers a danger that is far too close, and it’s impossible to ignore.
Awan’s unshakeable belief that everything happens for a reason has him excited about what their future will hold with Rowena in their life. Finally, they will be happy. But when she rocks his faith, he realizes he must take action…that is, if he’s not too late.

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