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Friday, August 20, 2021

Veronica Reviews ~ HIGHLAND GLADIATOR by Kathryn LeVeque


Highland Gladiator 

(Scots & Swords #1)


Kathryn Le Veque



Historical Romance

“In this life or in the next, I’ll always be true tae ye…”

“I love ye…until the end of all things, I’ll love ye and only ye…”

Lor Careston is a humble smithy living with his grandfather.  Despite his size, fighting has never been his first choice.  Always preferring to work out disagreements with his brain rather than his brawn, Lor is content with his life in the quiet Highland village where he and his grandfather live and work.  But when his village is raided and burned to the ground leaving death and destruction of both his grandfather and his home, Lor remembers a tale told to him about the Ludus Caledonia, an elite training compound where worthy men may sign on years of service to become highly trained warriors.  With vengeance in his heart, Lor leaves all behind to be taught to fight in order to gain his retribution…never dreaming that the path he has set to travel will lead him in an entirely different direction…

Isabail Keith, the daughter of the Chieftain of Clan Keith, has given up on finding love.  What man would want a warrior for a wife?  That is until her path crosses once again with Lor Careston…with Lor she is accepted for being both fierce and beautiful.  Lor doesn’t judge her for her choice in being trained for battle, and willingly asks for her guidance.  Over time, Lor and Isabail find a love that will last a lifetime and beyond…

Oh, dear reader, I did so enjoy the first installment to Kathryn Le Veque’s Scots & Swords series!  If you are a fan of her medieval romances, be prepared for the same epic adventure and swoon worthy hero!  Looking forward to the next in the series and highly recommend!

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**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **

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