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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

These Tangled Vines by Julianne MacLean

 Starting with an early morning call in Florida, Fiona finds herself making plans to be in Tuscany, Italy for the funeral of her biological father, Anton.  Prior to his death, Fiona, her late mother, and Anton are the only ones who know about his relation.

Fiona flies to Italy where a pile of secrets are stacked for her to discover.  This includes the exclusive vineyard that two half-siblings want for their own without Fiona's intrusion. 

Fiona is awestruck at the beauty of the land, yet she must tread lightly around her new family.  Curious about her mother's past with Anton, she seeks help in finding out the story.

In a slow and meandering path, she follows clues to the love her mother shared with the man who thinks and has taken the position of her father her whole life and her biological father.  

The story is full of love and the sacrifices done for it.  Fiona relives her mother's tale filled with a mix of tragedy and passion.  With a new perspective on what happiness and fulfillment contain, Fiona restructures her own outcome.

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