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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Checklist by Addie Woolridge

 Dylan's going to check all the boxes and make her life perfect.  The shorter the list, the easier and closer to a longed-for life.

Good luck, right?

Dylan has the perfect boyfriend already and a professional life getting businesses out of trouble.  When she's sent from Texas to her hometown, Seattle, Dylan has to suck up all her skills to fix a business with a scattered and unrealistic CEO.  She has to prove her boss wrong because she can do this.

Seattle holds a lot of adolescent memories that she rather leave behind, including her hippie parent's relationship with their neighbors.  Granted the neighbor's son, Mike, has grown into some great eye candy.  He doesn't even mind her goofy parents.  

Mike's moms greet Dylan with an unexpected friendliness, and she finds herself visiting the neighbors frequently after harrowing days at the ridiculous assignment she's on.  

Dylan's list grows with more personal than work items, and she must figure out why she doesn't miss her boyfriend in Texas, why Mike would be interested in her, what to do for a neighborly truce between parents, and if the business she's working on can be saved.  

Time to make the list shorter and Mike is willing to help her.

Woolridge's multi-cultural love story deserves a check on my list of fun reads!

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