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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

A New Computer



         Hello, gentle readers! Hope you are well!
        So, here’s what’s happened since the last time I wrote to you.
        I’m not one for drama. Hate it. Being such a routine oriented person, drama just doesn’t belong. And I had some drama (though, it could have been worse)!
        My computer…died…sort of. Not sure what happened or why, but for some reason, my entire desktop disappeared. It was just a black screen with a white cursor and that was it. Couldn’t access any of my files. My DH’s account was fine; however, his account is not set up with anything like Word or Excel. I could email from his side, but that’s all I could do. I couldn’t work on my current manuscript at all even though I email myself a copy every day (I suppose I could have downloaded my copy of MicroSoft Office onto his account, but what if I made everything worse and lost everything?)
        I called a repair place. They make home visits, which is great, and I talked to the guy for quite a while. He said they could probably fix whatever the problem was so I made an appointment for the following Saturday (the next time they had someone in my area).
        And then, I sat down and thought about it. The computer (it’s an All-In-One desktop, which I really like) is old. Like eight years old (I bought it in 2013) and it has served me well; however, I have been having problems with it. As you know, I had that hiccup where I lost over 5000 words and lately, it has been refusing to take any updates so…
        I bought a new one. Ordered it online. It’s another All-In-One desktop and it arrived the same day I was supposed to have the repair guy come to the house (I cancelled that appointment as soon as I placed my order). Took me an afternoon to set everything up and copy things from my external hard drive. I did discover that I really need to get better at saving things to that hard drive and I will do that, but now I have DropBox and OneDrive so I’ll be saving things there as well as emailing myself. Can’t be too careful and at this point, I can’t afford to lose my stuff…I’m so close to finishing The Maverick and Miss Miller, I can taste it.
        I will have the old one looked at and fixed, but it isn’t urgent now (thankfully) and I’ll keep it as a spare.
        So, that was my drama, as unwelcome as it was. Hope things are going better for you!    

 Until next time, be well, be safe, and remember to spread kindness wherever you go.


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