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Friday, October 29, 2021

Veronia Reviews - HELLISH HALLOWEEN by Charity Parkerson


Hellish Halloween


Charity Parkerson


4 Stars

M/M Paranormal Romance (Novella)

“I don’t know how to be a mate…but I feel you missing from my life.”

The Hellish Clan is a centuries old vampire/shifter pack that hunts and destroys demons that threaten the human race. In this installment, the Clan is hosting a Halloween celebration…in a most verra smexxy way…

Feeling a little out of place amongst those in the pack that have found their mates, Red is shocked when his senses pick up on his other half…the one he’s been waiting on for hundreds of years to make his soul complete…his forever mate…

Pierce has been drawn to NOLA each year for Halloween.  Never really understanding why, but always feeling more at peace when traveling to the city.  When a beautiful psychic hands him an address with encouragement of go and not be afraid, Pierce finds himself in the presence of a man that makes him feel for the first time in his life alive…and wanted…and perhaps, loved…

Red and Pierce are true mates, but it may take a little Halloween trickery for these lovers to get their happily ever after treat…

Another great story in a must read series! If you are a lover of m/m romance with a paranormal element, I highly recommend the Hellish series!!


Readers Note:  These are short novellas and to fully enjoy, would recommend reading in order!!

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