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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Bakeshop at Pumpkin and Spice by Donna Kauffman, Kate Angell, and Allyson Charles

 For the coming Hollow's Eve I've decided to  read sweet and witchy versus scary and bad.  

Three authors have put together a a bewitching bake-off on the corner of Pumpkin and Spice in a Maine village.  Sofia, the owner of the Bakeshop, creates delicious autumn and Halloween treats.  When necessary, she brews up her specialty cookies filled with a love potion.  

Three stories all centered around the goodness of the bakery match couples that need to be together.

The first tale finds a way to mingle Bree and Caleb, a young pair of bakers.  Granddaughter of Sofia, Bree fits right in with creating recipes for the cafĂ©.  The trick is how to get Caleb to the bakery, pick the proper treat along with

 Bree, and then magic can take over.

The next story is a bit trickier.  Cassie already has her mind set on "boring and safe", yet Chip keeps saving her from falls and spills without her noticing his steady and exciting life.  For him to eat the specialty cookies, accidents are welcome.  

The third clip is my favorite.  Lara has a really bad day with the loss of her job, dumped by a dirt-bag boyfriend, and the coming loss of her apartment.  Sofia's embellished cookies are sorely in need by Lara and Jack, the town mayor.  During the matchmaking, a lonely, elderly lady also gets a sweet surprise, which touches my heart.

Always good to take the time to read simple, sweet, and tasty (recipes are provided) to make your day a little brighter and positive!  

Happy reading,


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