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Friday, October 1, 2021

Veronica Reviews - BEAUTY TEMPTS THE BEAST by Lorraine Heath


Beauty Tempts the Beast


(Sins for all Seasons #6)


Lorraine Heath


4.5 Stars

Historical Romance

“Sometimes when life puts us on a path we don’t necessarily want to travel, we discover it was a journey we needed to take in order to secure happiness.”

Benedict “Beast” Trewlove has a powerful reputation in Whitechapel, and not just as being born a bastard.  Vowing to protect those unable to do so themselves, Beast has found himself on the receiving end of a proposition he never dreamed possible…being asked to teach seduction by the former Lady Althea Stanwick.  But Beast is not sure if he will be able to hold true to his principals of not sleeping with those he has sworn to protect…but sometimes the heart has other ideas…

Lady Althea Stanwick and her brothers find themselves outcast and directly cut from the ton after their father has been tried and hung for treason.  Althea has been given the opportunity to tutor less fortunate women on how to behave more “lady like”, but in return, Althea proposes to receive training on how to be the ultimate seductress so she may make her own choice of how to live her life, and she’s decided to become the most sought after mistress in London.  But when Althea sees how kind her Beast is, her heart shows her the possibilities of how love can provide so much more than she ever dreamed…

Althea and Ben are lovers that are forced to make difficult decisions when it comes to matters of the heart, but even in their darkest moments they are reminded “We always have a choice, even when it seems we don’t.”  Their happily ever after is fraught with hurdles of heartache, and it will take their combined strength to prevail and prove that true love does in fact conquer all…

Oh, dear reader I so loved this story!  I’m a sucker for Beauty & the Beast romances, and had no clue this was the 6th installment to a series.  While it took me a bit to get all the Trewlove characters straight, Beauty Tempts the Beast may be read standalone, and I highly recommend!

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**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. **


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