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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson

 Nora Hughes is a real person in a multi-cultural world, or so it seems from her story.  She has a complicated life created from the job as an editorial assistant at a publishing house, which isn't as magical and perfect as she originally assumed.

Five years at the San Fransisco job hasn't let her edit or touch the great writings she thought would be available for her to examine.  Her pay makes her position even more depressing.

The story is a heavy read of real issues that many people in their twenties may find when all they want is a good job that they enjoy.

Granted, the story is about books, and I love that!  Books are also what keeps Nora working.  She needs a larger paycheck, so she outsources herself to another publisher, which helps.  

Thank goodness Andrew Santos writes books and is published by Parsons Publishing, Nora's main job.  Andrew brings a smile to Nora's lips and her heart as they find ways to mix business and fun.  

Yet, another calamity is brewing as Nora has to separate her two business dealings, her social life, and her anxieties.

Reading the book, Nora made errors along the way, but isn't that what really happens?  A connection to the character is when the reader wants to tell her "No, don't do that!"  An enjoyable and realistic fiction novel.

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