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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

 A delightful read as Naomi Witt runs far and fast at the last moment from the aisle and still wearing the white dress.

Always a planner, she has only one sense of direction toward her twin sister, Tina, in need of help, as always.  The only "twin" thing about the sisters is their looks.  Otherwise, her sister is a complete troublemaker and completely irresponsible.

Naomi arrives in Knockemout, Virginia and finds an unknown eleven-year-old niece, Waylay, waiting for her.  

No wedding, no money, no home, no job, and an abandoned niece.  What else can upset Naomi's planned existence?

Knockemout is a charming and tight community with the necessary coffee house to ease anxieties.

Knox Morgan owns the cafe plus a lot more in town, yet he's not a people person.  He makes it plainly clear when confronting the new girl in town.  He's a bad-boy biker with a hidden heart of gold.  He wants to keep that a secret and be left alone.

The funny thing is, Knox has it hard for Naomi, and she can't help but search for his good qualities.

The story is loaded with Knox attempting to secretly help Naomi, Naomi falling for Knox, Knox falling for her, and both holding back.  

As I read the love story, I wanted to tell them to "Quit being stubborn!", and "You're perfect for each other!".  Knox and Naomi will have to figure it out themselves as they didn't listen to me!

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