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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson

 Being a paid bridesmaid has its perks and its secrets.  Rachel Vinson's current gig is stationed in Hawaii, and all she has to do is be Sadie's BFF.  They may have only met at the start of Sadie's wedding planning, but the form she completed gave Rachel full knowledge of what their friendship contains.

Well, there might be a few cracks in the armor.  

The best-man, Camden Lewis, meets Rachel on the first day, first hour, of the week-long wedding rendezvous.  A tiny crack splits in Rachel's planning. 

Camden has a big account being finalized in his software company.  As pretty and charming as Rachel is, he's not sure she knows Sadie enough to be the maid-of-honor, let alone her BFF.  Maybe Rachel is a business spy.

Rachel truly wants her clients to have magical and perfect weddings.  There are all kinds of reasons a bride doesn't have enough good friends to stand-up in their weddings.  Darned if she is going to let Camden reveal the disguised bridesmaids.  He's so handsome and nearly perfect, though.

Must stay away from Camden.  All work and no play. 

We'll see how well that works.  

So many goofy and funny mix-ups throughout the week.  A weekend is much easier for Rachel to deceive the party goers.  It's no help that her heart is working against her.  Camden is having a hard time between his assumption of a spy in the midst and the beautiful woman he has to stand up with.

A warm and charming mix-up and match-up making new friends and new romances!

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