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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Cross the Line A Boston Love Story by Julie Johnson

 A man never dates his best friend's sister.  Nate Knox knows this, follows this, yet will he ever cross the line?

Phoebe West has loved, lusted, and wished for some emotional connection to her brother's best friend since she was six years old.  She never got over it.  Two decades later, when Nate came back from Special Forces, maybe, just maybe she'll have the nerve to catch him or forget him.

Having an elite family comes with unexpected danger for Phoebe.  She's the advertising agent for her father's large construction company, which has enemies.

Nate has moved into protective services and watches who circles her.  She is clueless to why he unexpectedly appears and disappears, refusing to say more than two words or get too close to her.

Well, that ends when he needs to be around more often as the vultures are circling.  A casual bump, stares caught, and tremendous heat building up when they're near each other is stuffed down by Nate.  But Phoebe, it could be promising.  

Phoebe finds herself in a compromising position and it's a shame to progress under such circumstances, but she'll use it to her heart's advantage.  Nate has to put his talents to work to save her, and we can only hope it pushes him over the line!

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