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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

P.S. I Hate You by Sophie Ranald

 Abbie and Matt, high school sweetheart's, a match everyone saw coming, are now married for twenty years.

Midlife crisis, questions, and doubt about a forever love run through Abbie's mind as she contemplates the past and present.  Is there a future?  Is the love still there, or is it just a dry patch in the relationship.

Abbie ponders their past, the good and the not so good.  Time for a plan.

Unknowing to Matt, who doesn't realize what's going round Abbie's thoughts, follows her lead into recreating past sexy and teasing scenes.  Abbie's best girlfriends encourage and are sure it'll bring the love back.

Always be careful on what you recreate, though.  Sometimes secrets escapes and add to the dilemma.  Let's hope Abbie and Matt realize love is still plentiful and worth the unexpected dry spell.

An exciting reconnection of a love that finds fault, yet can still rekindle if it's true.

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