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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Call It Magic by Janet Chaman

I don't think love needs magic, but it's a little fun to mix the two.

Katy McBain disappeared, then came back to existence in Maine.  For some reason she was propelled to become an elite part of a fire and rescue team.  And she's good at it.

Granted, the few other women on the team are distant from the intruder, yet the boss, Gunnar Wolfe, is harsh, demanding, and totally devoted to her safety.

Gunnar doesn't make a habit of falling for women, let alone so fast.  He knows Katy is hiding something.  He'll figure it out.  

Katy is concentrating on her new profession.  That helps keep her mind off of her three weeks in hiding.  Although, another distraction is Gunnar.  She can't believe she may have met the one.  She's been told it'll be fast and intense when she meets the man made for her.

Making mistakes is all part of the game.  The game of work, life, and love.  She's made mistakes in all and wonders if all can be forgiven.

Leave it to Gunnar, and he'll let her know.

A great story of love and magic along with mistakes that can have a happily forever after!

Happy reading,

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