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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett

 Slinking back home, Emma Starling returns to her home near the Maple Street Cemetery.  The first sentence raises a lot of questions as to why Emma is reluctant to reclaim her home roots and what's so notable about this cemetery.

Emma has a special gift of healing.  It comes and goes and can't be regulated.  Medical school had been her target.  Now, her father is dying of a mysterious brain disease and he hallucinates animals.  Maybe Emma can heal him.

The cemetery is more alive than most with ghosts watching the neighborhood.  Without obvious interference, they want the living to enjoy life as much as possible.

Emma takes on an unlikely job as a fifth grade teacher.  She also meets, Mack Durkee,  a high school teacher. 

With so much going on in her life, Emma tries to focus on everything.  The imaginary and real pets, father's illness, family attempt at bonding, school, work, and the list goes on and leaves minimal time for her to concentrate on herself.  

Some things just take their own time and place in life and that includes love.  

A heartwarming and lovely story to enjoy.

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