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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Seat Filler by Sariah Wilson

 Another romantic comedy is in need at the end of winter and to open the blossoms of spring!  

I never considered it, but sometimes an average, ordinary person gets all dressed up, looking great, and may get the opportunity to sit next to a famous actor/actress.  

Granted, there are rules to doing this, which Juliet really tries to follow.  Too bad Hollywood has a weak monitor on details.

Juliet has her dream job as a the owner of a mobile dog grooming van.  I like her already!  She doesn't want a boyfriend.  It's not because she doesn't like men, but rather she has an embarrassing secret, even her best friend wasn't let in on.  

It's the whole problem when she's sat next to the award winning Noah Douglas.  She knows all his movies and has loved everything he portrays.

Noah is public eye-candy and shows up whenever and wherever he's required to by contract.  When off the clock, he wants to be that ordinary, unknown person too.  The rich and famous women in his crowd are not a challenge and hold little interest in his black book.  

Juliet is interesting.  She doesn't know who he is and treats him like a normal, slightly irritating person.  Noah is destined to get to know Juliet and help her with her embarrassing phobia.  

Juliet can't believe she opens up to her life-time crush.  Maybe Noah can slowly and carefully cure her.

Don't read the summaries of this romance because they tell you too much.  I think it's super suspenseful to wait till the story tells you about Juliet's embarrassing secret.  Then, the tension builds as you read and read to find out if they can overcome and adapt to a new romance that is sure to tingle in your toes and hearts.

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