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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Chemistry of Love by Sariah Wilson

 Chemistry may not hold interest to all, but chemists are people with the same feelings, ambitions, and heartache as anyone else.  

Anna Ellis loves her nerdy job as a cosmetic chemist.  She has her own lab at home, put together dollar by dollar in the most frugal way she is able to manage.  Her lab at work is complete with a best friend, a demeaning boss, and the desirably handsome son-of-owner, Craig Kimball, she rarely gets to see.  

Anna's goal, outside of her creations with chemicals, is to capture the love of  Craig.  She's sure he vividly remembers a parking lot encounter two years prior.

Anna, Anna who?  Craig is less enamored than Anna could imagine. Instead, she's invited to his engagement party where he proposes to Marco's, his brother's, ex-girlfriend.  

Marco hatches a plan to give payback to Craig, help Anna attain her true love (she thinks it's Craig-just a reminder), and help the makeup company they all work for thrive.

This involves a pretend relationship, which has to appear authentic between Marco and Anna.  So many emotions have to be incorporated either by choice or necessity.  Lust, Greed, jealousy, honesty, anger, and love.  Some are great, and others not so great.  

As the reader, you cannot tell the characters what to do, unfortunately.  You have to wait and see if they find the right chemistry with the right people.  A little hand-wringing and urging from the sidelines might help happiness and love prevail, even for the one who smells like sodium sulfate (the bad egg!).

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