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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

A Single Rose by Muriel Barbery

Rose, A Japanese woman in the middle of her mundane life and living in America, receives the announcement of her father's death.  She doesn't know her father as she was brought up by her mother and grandmother.  An invitation to her father's reading of the will is reluctantly accepted.

The catch to going to Kyoto, Japan for the finality of her father's wishes is she must be accompanied by her father's assistant, Paul.  

Paul is finishing his service to Rose's father as a guide for her in the Japanese culture.  

The scenery and habits in Kyoto are a deep breath of beauty and thinking about what is really around a person.  The descriptions of gardens, restaurants, and historical monuments bring the reader into the story.  

Paul has a sensitivity to the beauty around him, which gradually creates a closeness between him and his client's daughter.    

This calm read is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Appreciate the grandness around you of simple things.  Anything small can become an influence on the peace and love available to all.

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